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Welcome Letter from the Mayor

Bonjour a tout, "Good Day to All" from the great city of Scott, Louisiana "Where the West Begins and Hospitality Never Ends."

Currently Scott, Louisiana is the home of over 8,000 great people. Our progressive city has demonstrated that we can maintain a great quality of life for our citizens along with bringing quality businesses that enhances our great city. My hands on approach and open door policy will always make me accessible to you, the people of Scott, if you need anything of me please, never hesitate to call or just come by City Hall.

Residents, this is a quick and easy way to keep up with your government, businesses and activities that go on around Scott.

Visitors, I hope you will enjoy viewing the great amenities of our great city. The growth, prosperity, and culture are what make Scott the richest part of the gumbo. So come by and have a taste.

Purvis J. Morrison, Mayor



Upcoming Events in the Community:

****NEW LINK****
Due to several request, we have added a link that enables members of the community to view/print all of the ordinances and codes that the City of Scott has adopted.  Click here , or go the Government tab to explore our new link. 

Scott has just recently ranked in the top 15 best cities to live in Louisiana.  Scott is sitting in the number 2 spot because of the ideal summer weather, low unemployment, and low cost of living. Click on the following link to read the full article, These are the 15 Best Places to live in Louisiana   or go to then click on "TOP TEN" located on the top right hand side. 


 2nd Annual Scott Boudin Festival

The 2nd Annual Scott Boudin Festival will be held on April 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2014.  For a complete list of schedules, entertainment line-up, map, and any other information regarding the festival please click to view the OFFICIAL Scott Boudin Festival website .                      


City of Scott Farmers' Market, "Le Petit Magasin de Scott"

The official name of the NEW City of Scott Farmers Market is, "Le Petit Magasin de Scott."  The grand opening date is set for March 15th from 7am -12noon.  CLICK HERE to view the rules, regulations, and vendor fees.  Feel free to call City Hall at 337-233-1130 for more information. 



CLICK HERE to view a diagram of the Round-a-bout at the intersection of Hwy 93, Apollo Road, and I-10 N. Frontage Road, I-10 Entrance/Exit Ramp or visit the lobby of City Hall to view in person

 Apollo Road Extention

CLICK HERE to view a map of the final approved route for the Apollo Road Extention or visit the lobby of City Hall to view in person.


Draft Comprehensive Plan--"Scott 2032: Your Community.  Your Plan."

The City of Scott has released the a draft of the Comprehensive Plan, for public review and comment.  The Team has prepared a comprehensive plan based on the participation of citizens during a week-long Charrette in October 2011. The Scott 2032 Plan documents the community's Vision and includes goals and policies for guiding the future of Scott.  

Copies of the Comprehensive Plan are available to download by clicking here for FINAL DRAFT , APPENDIX 02 , APPENDIX 03 , and also please feel free to fill out the COMMENT FORM .  Additionally, copies have been made available at the following locations for viewing; Lafayette Public Library, Scott Branch, 5808 Cameron St.; Scott City Hall, 125 Lions Club Rd; and La Maison de Begnaud House, 110 Benoit Patin Rd.  There will be comment forms available at these locations as well as online.  

The City of Scott has also hired Pat Logan to serve as the Comprehensive Plan Facilitator, to be contacted at 337.233.1130 or by email to answer any questions, concerns, or meeting information.

Also, a Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Commission which consists of five members of the community who were appointed include; Preston Bernard, Kara Boudreaux, Yolanda Senegal, Kirk Prejean, and Troy Bergeron.