The City of Scott is thrilled about the newest developments including new businesses and industry to our great city!

We have several drainage projects underway to assist our residents. 

Apollo Phase 2

Construction will start in the beginning of 2021, this will continue from Phase 1 to Dulles Dr and Rue De Belier. Including a round about at this intersection.

Apollo Phase II & III Groundbreaking

Apollo Road Phase 1, pictured right

The Scott City Council awarded a contract to Siema Construction, LLC for their low bid of $7,024,000 for construction of Phase I of Apollo Road Extension. This will be a 4 lane boulevard extending from Old Spanish Trail (alongside the new West Regional Library that is now under construction) to a point just beyond JB Road.  Project engineers are the Fenstermaker firm. Phase I is shown in red on the attached map.. Future phases are planned as shown on the map.

Phase 1 has been completed from

O S T to South of JB Rd.

West Village Logo.jpg
This map illustrates Phase 1 of Apollo Road

Phase 1 infrastructure has been completed. 3 more phases have been plated through the Scott Planning Commission.

Regional  Detention Pond

 ( Provost Pond)

The dirt work has been completed on the pond. Allowing  customers addition flood protection.West Village and the City of Scott are working on this public/private partner ship, to also include a walking trail and a dog park. We are projecting this project to take a year to complete.

Emerald Lake

Phase 2 infrastructure for the subdivision has been completed and 19 building permits have been issued. 

This project is located at the intersection of LeViolon Rd and Dulles Rd.

W Village Pond & Detention.jpg

Berchman Oaks

Berchman Oaks Phase 1 plat has been approved for the residential subdivision. This subdivision will be located off of Westgate Rd.

Berchman Oaks Plat.jpg

Comprehensive Plan for City of Scott

Comprehensive Plan--"Scott 2032: Your Community.  Your Plan."

The City of Scott has its Comprehensive Plan for public review and comment.  The Team has based the plan on the participation of citizens during a week-long Charrette in October 2011. The Scott 2032 Plan documents the community's Vision and includes goals and policies for guiding the future of Scott.  

Copies of the Comprehensive Plan have been made available at the following locations for viewing; 


Lafayette Public Library, Scott Branch

5808 Cameron St.

Scott City Hall

125 Lions Club Rd


La Maison de Begnaud House

110 Benoit Patin Rd


There will be comment forms available at these locations.  

The City of Scott has also hired Pat Logan to serve as the Comprehensive Plan Facilitator, to be contacted at 337.233.1130  to answer any questions, concerns, or meeting information. 

Also, a Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Commission which consists of five members of the community who were appointed include; Preston Bernard, Kara Boudreaux, Yolanda Senegal, Kirk Prejean, and Mark Moreau.

Comprehensive Plan Part 1 (Click here)   Part 2 (Click here)

Comprehensive Plan Appendix A (Click here)

Comprehensive Plan Appendix B (Click here)

Land Use Code (Click here)