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About the City of Scott


Scott is located west of Lafayette, with boundaries touching at some points, and 39 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. The location has been very favorable for the continued growth as it is intersected by Highway # 90, Interstate 10 and State Highway #93.

South of I-10 at Exit #97 at Hwy #93, as you enter the city going south there is a beautiful Arboretum with many species of native trees and a walking trail around its perimeter. And we have a new tourist center, La Maison de Begnaud. Scott’s Welcome Heritage Interpretive Center, which is home to, tourist information, cultural events, local history, and Cajun gift shop. This 100 year Acadian home, which was renovated by the City of Scott is maintained by our Tourist Coordinator and over 20 volunteers for its daily operation?

We are fortunate to also have 3 special parks in the city limits, with each having special intentions, and uses.

Today over one million descendants of the exiled Cajuns live in Southwest Louisiana. Our French / Cajun language is still widely spoken here. Gumbo, Jambalaya, and our world known Boudin / Cracklins are still made, and very important to the City of Scott. Cajun and Creole French music and dancing are still very much alive. We celebrate Mardi Gras with our family-orientated City Parade, sponsored by our Scott Business Association.

The fun loving, camaraderie atmosphere over the years has attracted many newcomers to visit, and live here. The blend of many cultures has added to the positive aspect of the community. 
Working hard all week and going to Church on Sunday is still a must. And “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler” translated as “let the good times roll," is still the rule of the week.

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