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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  What does "Where the West Begins" mean?

A:  Scott was founded in 1870 by way of the railroad, which took ten years of convict labor to complete in 1880.  The main line of the Southern Railway cuts the city in two.  Scott's tagline, "Where the West Begins" originated from railroad timetables which listed Scott as the "Origin of western travel."

Q:  Who do I call for tall grass or junk vehicles?

A:  Please contact Officer Keverne Stoute at 337.233.3715

Q:  How do I apply for Food for Seniors or questions about the program?

A:  Please contact Tammy Vincent at 337.233.1130

Q:  How do I call when a street light is out?

A:  Please contact Scott City Hall at 337.233.1130.

Q:  How do I get information on Ordiances for the City of Scott?

A:  Please contact Tammy Vincent or Brenda Dugas at 337.233.1130.

Q:  Who do I call for trash pickup complaints?

A:  Please contact Scott City Hall at 337.233.1130 

Q:  What is the Post Office Phone Number?

A:  The number for the Scott Post Office is 337.237.1589.

Q:  Where do I get sand bags?

A:  You can pickup sand bags at the City Maintenance Facility located at 116 Lions Club Road. Limit is 2 bags per door.  For more information call Scott City Hall at 337.233.1130

Q:  Can I pay my utility bill with a debit or credit or debit card?

A:  Yes.  Scott City Hall can now accept debit or credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) to pay utility bills only.   Customers can also pay their utility bills online using the link on the Home Page of the website at

Q:  Can I pay by utility bill over the phone?

A:  No.  We cannot accept payments over the phone.

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