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Comprehensive Plan for City of Scott

City of Scott 2023 Master Plan Update


On July 18, 2023, the City of Scott Planning Commission along with the Scott City Council Members on August 3, 2023, adopted the 2023 Master Plan Update, based on the participation of citizens and commercial business leaders during a year long of events, including public charrette’s, town hall meetings, and individual meetings with citizens and local stakeholders.  The updated plan documents the success of the “Scott 2023: Your community, Your Plan” and updates the community’s vision and goals with policies for guiding the future of Scott.  

Copies of the Comprehensive Plan have been made available at the following locations for viewing; 


Click here to view: 2023 Master Plan Update 


Scott City Hall                        La Maison de Begnaud House

125 Lions Club Rd                       110 Benoit Patin Rd

The City of Scott has hired Bonnie Anderson to serve as the Comprehensive Plan Facilitator, and can be contacted at 337.233.1130  to answer any questions, concerns, or meeting information. 

Also, a Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Commission which consists of five members of the community who were appointed include; Jakob Goodwin, Dwain Gannard, Yolanda Senegal, Kirk Prejean, and Preston Bernard. 

2024 Meeting Schedule for Scott Planning Commission

2024 Scott Planning Commission Agenda & Minutes

Planning Commission Photo 2023.jpg

Land Use Code (Click here)


"Scott 2032: Your Community, Your Plan", adopted 01/15/2013. This is the original master plan. 

Comprehensive Plan Part 1
 (Click here)   Part 2 (Click here)

Comprehensive Plan Appendix A (Click here)
Comprehensive Plan Appendix B (Click here)

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