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For more information on West Village click this link:

West Village

The City of Scott would like to thank Congressman Clay Higgins for meeting with us on this vital project and following through with his commitment to help expedite the project. We also thank LCG for partnering with us on this project and the Acadiana Planning Commission for its role in placing a high priority on regarding FEMA and GOSHEP funding. Finally, thanks to our consulting engineer, Jeanne Hornsby with Fenestermaker for efforts and expertise in assisting with this process.



Public hearing at the July 3, 2019 Council Meeting prior to consideration of adoption

Apollo - Destination Pointe Consolidated Economic Development District

City of Scott

Map of Consolidated District and Legal Description

Contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor Hotline if you suspect

theft, fraud, waste or abuse of public funds by anyone.



Congressman Clay Higgins met on March 19, 2019 with Scott Mayor Jan-Scott Richard, city officials and engineers to assist with the City of Scott's pending funds from FEMA to assist with major drainage improvements. Pictured left to right are Councilman Doyle Boudreaux, Jeanne Hornsby with Fenstermaker, Councilman Troy Bergeron, Congressman Clay Higgins, Mayor Jan-Scott Richard and Pat Logan, City Planner.

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